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We invite to cooperation Swiss watches stores and other market participants in order to attract new customers, increase sales and quality of work.

Swiss watches search service

12-24.com is a service to search bestselling Swiss luxury watches offers. Our mission is to create healthy competitive environment on luxury Swiss watches market and bust the myth that buying watches abroad is more practically profitable.

We act as intermediaries between buyers and sellers of Swiss watches. Our target is to find the balance between clients expectations and our partners and clients’ goals. As a result, partners receive a constant flow of new real buyers. And buyers with our help find the best offer for buying watches of interest.

Our clients

Our website is visited by more than 60 thousand people every month. Our audience consists of potential Swiss watch buyers, people with certain level of income and status. They study the assortment in electronic catalogue in order to save their personal time and make the best choice based on their requirements.

Some of the customers find the models of interest and leave the request to buy the item online or via phone call. We receive about 20 requests per day, and this number keeps growing since the portal is under constant development therefore more and more people looking to buy the watch online are attracted to it.

We never go without checking the seriousness of our potential buyers intentions. First of all, the request must have a contact phone number to be taken into consideration. Secondly, our managers check the readiness of the customer to make a purchase by contacting the client and discussing the terms of purchase.

Our business

We take care not only for finding clients but all the communications and consultations as well. The potential buyer receives several offers on chosen model and finds the best option guided by not only the price but guarantee, assortment, location, store status and other conditions.

By offering our clients carefully selected options under their individual request we provide an opportunity to make the most confident and correct choice. This increases the likeness of purchase by both sides.

Our partners

Our partners are professional participants of Swiss watches market with different legal statuses. We invite to cooperation every luxury watches store regardless of location.

We find only competitive offers on new authentic luxury Swiss made watches. Other conditions such as assortment range, warranties, sales volume etc. do not matter.

Why to cooperate

When you become our partner, your receive an additional wide flow of new customers interested in purchasing Swiss watches. This can significantly increase sales if customers are satisfied with your terms.

Do not be afraid that the customer will always make a choice in favor of a lower price by comparing the offers of your store with the offers of competitors through our portal. There are many factors taken into account by Swiss watches buyers — guarantees, additional services, convenience of location of the store, service quality.

Our service is here for you to testify service quality of your store. During the process of working with client we receive feedback and let you know the reason of fail — prices, assortment or communications with manager.

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