Guarantee and return


Every watch, found by for the customers comes in full set only, including official worldwide warranty provided my manufacturer.

Watch manufactories support the operation of a large network of service centers around the world, there are considerable amounts of money spent on its maintenance. Every more or less large country has a service point of each brand where the owner of the watch has a full right to get a consultation or full maintenance of his or her watch. The basis of the right to receive service in the official service center of the manufacturer are watch warranty documents, confirming its origin and the «age» of the device.

Official service in any country of the world does not have the right to refuse to service your watch if there are any warranty documents, except for non-guaranteed cases of damage described in the accompanying warranty documentation for the watch.


Due to the strict obligations of watch manufacturer’s warranty, the return of the watch is not common — any issues related to problems with the working capacity of the watch are solved via service, i.e. via watch service but not by watch substitution to another one.

We are ready to carry out any checks of the watches and guarantee documents at any certified watch service center or pawnshop at the time of delivery of the watch from seller to buyer.

If the watch that we found and delivered to you does not fit you for some reasons, we are ready to buy them at 90% from their initial price (the watch must be in the same condition as they were bought in).

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